Corporate teaching in Corporate Environment

The corporate way of learning helps experienced executives to develop general management competencies and prepares them for fast track growth to leadership roles.

Professionals can enrol with their courses pursue them alongside their jobs.

Schedule classes as and when required, no compromise.

Each class has a diverse group of participants from across industries, sectors and levels which enable them to learn from each other and to build a close-knit, yet distributed network.

Corporate Classes are for

  • Fast tracking your career to new advancement.
  • To Smart track your family’s age old business to next level.
  • Budding entrepreneurs to transform quickly to adapt global competition.

Advantage of Anglia Ruskin University

  • One of the largest Universities in UK with over 30,000 students
  • Located in Cambridge with over 150 years of legacy.
  • In the UK Government’s most recent Research Assessment Exercise (RAE) for Higher Education Institutes, it is the top-rated modern university in multiple domains
  • Globally recognized degree without the cost of travel and study in the UK
  • Advantage of International qualification for better job opportunities world-wide
  • Study in INDIA, Graduate in United Kingdom

Why did you choose to study for a degree with Anglia Ruskin?

I had never considered the possibility that a Degree could be achieved alongside the pressures of full time employment, I had not contemplated that education was still a viable option.

My time schedule was already full to the maximum, so I thought. However, I knew that in this ever-competitive world experience is not everything. In order to progress, I wanted to prove to my future employers that I was serious about my self-development, and took on the challenge.

I have never looked back. It is now a decision I wish I made a long time ago. The major contributors to fitting it into my schedule are; it’s all done online, my modules interact with my employment and as I learn and progress I am able to adapt my learning into my practical day to day duties, and the company I work for also benefit from my contributions.

Adapting to academia was a very quick transition, quickly the need and want to know more became a way of life. My families are involved with encouraging me as I steadily progress through the syllabus.

As the saying goes, ‘never put off tomorrow, what you can do today’.

How do you feel you will benefit from studying for this qualification, both professionally and personally?

Not only has this degree taught me more about my profession, but also how to prioritise my time more effectively, be the very best I can be and, as a manager, lead and inspire those around me to feel good about themselves, to be confident and to help, guide and develop their potential and skills.

Professionally I know I am a better manager already, I benefit from the improvements made in my work place and the associations I have made with those around me. Project Management and Change Management are certain areas that I had been involved with before, however now I am more productive because of the knowledge and understanding behind the structure and methodologies of the process involved.

Personally I feel more ambitious and confident. I appear to have more free time to spend with my family as one of my core strengths is now being able to managing my time even more effectively.

Which aspects of study have you found most challenging, and how have you overcome these challenges?

Developing the best methods of studying has been my steepest learning curve. Where to find resources, how to research references, even the simplest of chores such as how to write an essay. As with anything, change and adaptability to change is important, if at first you do not succeed, try again. The great benefit with learning on line is the relationships you build with your fellow students on the VLE; a virtual classroom where you share your ideas and study, build friendships and share the experience of learning together as one team.

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